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The food industry uses an array of testing methods to measure the sensory factors in food selection and to evaluate food quality. These tests are conducted for research and development, product improvement, sales and marketing, quality assurance, and gauging consumer acceptance. Food evaluation is accomplished using both subjective and objective test.

Subjective Evaluation and Taste Panels

Subjective Evaluation Subjective or sensory tests rely on the opinions of selected individuals. There are two basic types of subjective tests: analytical and affective. Analytical tests are based on discernible differences, while affective tests are based on individual preferences. In both types of testing, food samples are presented to taste panel participants, who evaluate the […]

Objective Evaluation

In objective evaluations, laboratory instruments instead of humans are used to measure the characteristics of foods quantitatively. The two major types of objective evaluation tests, physical and chemical, attempt to mimic the five senses, and serve as the basis of most objective food testing. Physical tests measure certain observable aspects of food such as size, […]

Sample Preparation

The environment in which the taste panel evaluates foods or beverages is carefully controlled. Panelists are usually seated in cubicles or booths, and the food is presented in a uniform fashion. Food samples must be of the same size (enough for two bites), from the same portion of the food (middle versus outside), equally fresh, […]

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