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Why do people eat what they eat? What is it about a food or beverage that causes them to choose over others? The variety of foods offered a short list of choices, depending mostly on basic foods such as meat, grains, vegetables and fruits. The number of different foods available may now, ironically, make it more difficult, rather than easier, to plan a nutritious diet. The food industry offers thousand of food, many of which are mixtures of the basic ones, and many of which are constructed largely from artificial ingredients.

Food Selection Criteria:
People put into their mouths substances that are satisfying in both appearance and taste and that simultaneously meet their nutritional requirements, cultural and religious values, psychological and social needs, and budget

Sensory Criteria:
When people choose a particular food they evaluate it, consciously or unconsciously, primarily on how it looks, smells, tastes, feels, and even sounds. These sensory factors are more important to most consumers than nutritional considerations in making choices of food.

Food Touch and Hearing

Food Touch The sense of touch, whether it operates inside the mouth or through the fingers, conveys to us a food’s texture, consistency, astringency, and temperature. Texture is a combination of perceptions, with the eyes giving the first clue. The second comes at the touch of fingers and eating utensils, and the third is mouth […]

Food Tasting and Taste Stimuli

Taste Tasting Taste is high on the list as a selection criteria for food. Taste buds – so named because the arrangement of their cells is similar to the shape of a flower – are located primarily on the tongue, but are also found on the hard and soft palates of the mouth and in […]

Cultural Criteria

How culture could influence the choices of food Culture is another factor influencing food choice. While a specific culture is a body of shared beliefs, symbols, behavior, and assumptions, diversity can also exist within a culture. An increasingly diverse population¬† accompanied by people traveling more and communicating over longer distances, has contributed to a more […]

Factors Affecting Food Taste

Factors Affecting Taste Not everyone perceives the taste of a piece of apple pie the same way. There is considerable genetic variation among individuals in sensitivity to basic tastes. Tasting abilities may also vary within the individual, depending on a number of outside influences. The temperature of a food or beverage affects its taste. As […]

Food Budgetary Criteria

Budgetary Criteria Cost is a very important limiting factor in food purchasing. According to Agriculture calculations for food stamps, the “thrifty” cost of food at home for each person over 12 years of age averages $110 per month. Cost helps determine the types of foods and brands that are bought and the frequency of restaurant […]

Sight and Smell of Food

Sight of Food The eyes receive the first impression of foods, the size of the serving, the shapes, colors, consistency and the presence of any outward defects. Color can demote ripeness, the strength of dilution, and even the degree of heating. Black bananas, barely yellow lemonades and scorches macaroni send visual signals that better food […]

Food Nutritional Criteria

Nutritional Criteria Over the past several decades, emerging scientific evidence about health and nutrition has resulted in changing food consumption patterns in the United States. Six out of ten consumers were making a major change in their diets, and another survey reported that nutrition was second only to taste in importance to shoppers. The changing […]

Religious Criteria of Food

Food Religious Criteria Religion is another important influence on food choices. Religious tenets affect the diets of many by declaring which foods are acceptable and unacceptable and by specifying preparation procedures. By designating certain foods for specific occasions and assigning symbolic value to some, religious principles wield further influence. A traditional holiday meal with a […]

Psychological and Sociological Criteria of Food

Psychological and Sociological Criteria Social and psychological factors strongly influence food habits. For most people, the knowledge that food is readily available provides a sense of security. For people with psychologically based eating disorders like anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and bulimia-nervosa, however, food gives no such security. The aim of every food company’s advertising is to […]

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