Food Selection and Food Criteria

Why do people eat what they eat? What is it about a food or beverage that causes them to choose over others? The variety of foods offered a short list of choices, depending mostly on basic foods such as meat, grains, vegetables and fruits. The number of different foods available may now, ironically, make it more difficult, rather than easier, to plan a nutritious diet. The food industry offers thousand of food, many of which are mixtures of the basic ones, and many of which are constructed largely from artificial ingredients.


Food Selection Criteria

People put into their mouths substances that are satisfying in both appearance and taste and that simultaneously meet their nutritional requirements, cultural and religious values, psychological and social needs, and budget


Sensory Criteria

When people choose a particular food they evaluate it, consciously or unconsciously, primarily on how it looks, smells, tastes, feels, and even sounds. These sensory factors are more important to most consumers than nutritional considerations in making choices of food.

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